About F4U

Healthy Organic Meal Replacement Shakes - Formulated For You

Formulated For You (F4U) is an Australian health food company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. We are proud to be the formulators and manufacturers of our growing range of premium quality, low calorie yet satisfying Formulated Meal Replacement Shakes.

F4U is committed to providing our customers with the best products possible and that's our first point of difference compared with other meal replacements. We've carefully selected wholesome, nutritious and functional ingredients in our blends instead of using "fillers". Fillers are cheap ingredients often used in meal replacements to "fill" recipes, reduce manufacturing costs and ultimately increase profit. We've instead focused on using premium ingredients to create an ongoing meal solution to assist you in achieving your diet & lifestyle goals.

Filler ingredients to avoid may include:

  • Milk Solids/Full Fat/Skim Milk Powders, Fructose, Glucose Syrups/Corn Syrups, Maltodextrin, Dextrose

Our second point of difference is how all F4U meals contain a minimum number of calories to still be classified by Australian food law as a ‘formulated meal replacement’ yet remain surprisingly filling. We’ve managed to do this by using functional ingredients to increase your satiety (fullness). By replacing one main meal daily with an F4U meal, you are reducing the typical number of calories in your daily diet by hundreds resulting in weight loss or weight maintenance, depending on your personal goal.

F4U strive to offer an alternative to typical meal replacement shakes. If you are trying to follow a healthy and active lifestyle but struggle to find time, routine or energy to make smart meal choices, F4U formulated meal replacements are a convenient, ongoing meal solution we’ve specially Formulated For You