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F4U Meal Replacement Vanilla Malt (1 meal)

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The Vanilla Malt flavoured Formulated For You Organic Meal Replacement Shakes are addictive in all the right ways! The vanilla malt flavour will remind you of delicious cookies thanks to a unique combination of our own F4U Maca Powder and Lucuma Powder. Please note, this product does not contain malt and is 100% gluten-free.

Each serving contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer. This single serve pack is a great way to sample our weight loss shakes. You can also order the Vanilla Malt Meal Replacement Shakes in a 10 serve pack and 20 serve pack.


WHEN do you take F4U meal shakes?  


Simply mix one F4U formulated meal replacement shake in 250ml of icy, cold water or your favourite milk in a F4U protein shaker. Replace one main meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with a shake every day and watch your results. 

 If you'd like to maxmise your results, try the 10 meal replacement pack

HOW do F4U meal replacement shakes work?  


F4U meals are scientifically formulated to support weight loss using a blend of premium ingredients with absolutely zero fillers. Our premium formulation will reduce your hunger and daily calorie intake resulting in weight loss. F4U meals contain 25 vitamins & minerals, 30g of high quality protein, 5g of fibre in addition to low levels of sugars & sodium. Each meal is gluten free, nut free and contains absolutely zero artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.


WHY do F4U meal shakes work?


This product is classified as a true 'formulated meal replacement' under the Food Standards Code in Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ). Don't be fooled by standard 'protein shakes' claiming to be meal replacements- they're not formulated to do that!

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Are you struggling with your DIET & NUTRITION?

Are you having trouble LOSING WEIGHT?

STOP binge eating, over snacking and wasting money on junk food simply because you don’t have time or energy to prepare healthy meals.
Simplify your weight loss journey with our delicious and nutritious meals!


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