Vanilla Malt Meal Replacements

The Formulated For You Organic Meal Replacement Shakes in Vanilla Malt flavour will become your new favourite beverage. With an irresistable creamy cookie flavour, you'll feel satisfied for longer knowing it's just as nutritious as it is delicious!

For those days you want to mix it up and satisfy those chocolate cravings, you can swap in our natural Choc Cacao Flavour. So now you don't need to choose whether you're chocolate or vanilla!

Each packet contains an abundance of bio-available nutrients to help power your body with energy, vitamins and minerals to see you through until your next meal. In just one small serving, you get 25 vitamins & minerals, 30g of high quality protein and 5g of fibre. F4U shakes are also gluten free, nut free, low in sugar and sodium. Simply replace one meal a day with an organic meal replacement shake, and in combination with a healthy lifestyle, watch your weight loss results speed up.