Bundle Packs

Are you interested in trying out the Formulated For You range but aren't sure where to start? Then try one of our special bundle packs to get a greater sampling of our products at a great price.

The F4U Organic Meal Replacement Kick Starter Pack contains enough shakes to replace 20 meals. It's an economical way to boost your weight loss results over a longer period time.

If you're just looking to trial our products, the F4U Organic Meal Replacement Sampler Pack will get you started off with 10 servings.

Are you a fan of starting your day with a delicious morning smoothie? Now you can jam-pack your morning smoothie with added superfoods to maximise your nutrition. The Superfood Smoothie Stack Pack includes: 

Finally, the Organic Vegan Protein Pack contains our two best selling dairy free protein powders; the F4U Organic Pea Protein and F4U Organic Rice Protein.